Our dentists use their knowledge and experience and are ready to do anything to help you save or recover your beautiful smile.

Professionals that work in the dental clinic Skraidenta will offer you the best-fitting dental prosthesis method.

All dental therapeutic procedures are performed: aesthetic filling, teeth whitening using bleaching trays, teeth whitening at home, oral hygiene.

Deep cleaning of dental calculus using ultrasound scalar and hand-held instruments. The correction of gums and bones prior to dental prosthesis. Sophisticated periosurgery operations for patients with periodontal disease.

Special instruments are used to pass and spread root canals, to disinfect them with medicaments and seal to complete the root canal with filling material.

We can confidently say that the dental clinic Skraidenta is one of the friendliest clinics for children in Vilnius. Children are always welcome in our clinic and we have equipped a play corner for them. The playful children's dental office helps children to relax and inspires their courage, which is sometimes necessary for our little patients.

The aim of the orthodontic treatment is to straighten teeth in order to ensure proper function and aesthetics of dental arches and system of jaws.

Dr. Jūratė Rimkuvienė and Evaldas Lukoševičius, who are highly qualified and experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons of our clinic, are always ready to help and resolve situations, when the surgical treatment is necessary.

Dental implants provide a proven treatment method with long-term results. They can be used to avoid unpleasant situations, occlusion problems and keep the unchanged shape of a face.