Endodontic treatment

Dentists in dental clinic Skraidenta perform:

  • Endodontic treatment;
  • Endodontic repeated treatment.

The essence of the procedure

With the use of special instruments root canals are cleaned and spread, disinfected and sealed with root canal filling material.

Endodontic treatment and repeated treatment in dental clinic Skraidenta is performed using a microscope. It results in good lighting and monitoring an enlarged sectional view, which enables to see the smallest structure of the teeth and find all root canals and properly clear the entire root canal system. Swiss endodontic instruments are used for treatment.

Endodontist Indrė Mėlynavičienė consults and treats in clinic Skraidenta

Prieš endodontinį gydymą
Po endodontinio gydymo
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  2. 1.2-po-endodontinio-gydymo

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