Dental clinic Skraidenta performs treatment of malocclusion using various systems of braces treatment.

  • Fixed orthodontic appliances (braces, various bows) are glued to teeth using special glue or cement.
  • Braces (brackets) are a system, when elements (brackets) are glued to teeth and joined by the bow.

Metal brackets

They are widely used as they are cheaper than other brackets, though they are the least aesthetic.

Aesthetic braces

They are tooth-coloured, made of plastic, ceramic or combined with metal. Aesthetic braces are almost invisible, but more expensive. Due to an increased friction between the brackets and arc, treatment takes longer.

Lingual braces

These fixed metal braces are attached to the back of the teeth so they are not visible. These braces impair the speech, irritate tongue and are not suitable for treating of some clinical cases.

Self-ligating braces

Metal or mixes braces with special locks that soften the sliding of arch.

The maintenance of all fixed apparatus is more complicated, time and effort consuming.

What should be done to avoid occlusion pathology?

It is very important to see an orthodontist on time.

Timely treatment of caries in deciduous teeth, tracking dental changes, correction of bad habits (such as sucking of a pacifier or a finger).

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