Orthodontic plates

Dental clinic Skraidenta performs treatment of malocclusion using orthodontic plates.

Removable orthodontic appliances (plates, functional apparatus, and retainers) are designed so that the patient can take them out when he/she needs to brush teeth or activate it. These appliances are attached to teeth using various metal hooks. In order for these appliances to work properly, it is necessary to have a very good cooperation of the orthodontist and the patient and following the regime.

They are made of coloured plastic base and stainless steel hooks and bows. They are fastened from the lingual or palatal side. They are the most suitable for the expansion of the upper jaw.


  • easier oral hygiene than with fixed appliances
  • easily adjusted, corrected and less expensive than many other apparatus
  • can be activated by the patient according to a mode designated by the orthodontist


  • not suitable for the treatment of some cases
  • speech and chewing disorders can occur at the beginning of the treatment
  • the possibility to remove the plate makes it possible to derogate from the treatment regime

Functional apparatus

It is more complex apparatus than the plate. It is used to adjust the ratio between the jaws. Functional apparatus is usually used for moving the lower jaw forward. The most efficient for the treatment of adolescents during the most intense growth period (12 -15 years).

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