Paediatric dentistry

Friendly to children

We can confidently say that the dental clinic Skraidenta is one of the friendliest clinics for children in Vilnius. Children are always welcome in our clinic and we have equipped a play corner for them. The playful children’s dental office helps children to relax and inspires their courage, which is sometimes necessary for our little patients.

First visit to the dentist

After celebration of the first birthday of the baby, it is time for the first visit to a paediatric dentist.

This particular period is very important for preservation of healthy teeth, and a paediatric dentist will definitely have a lot to tell and explain to parents how to help your children to grow up having healthy teeth.

If your child is older and you have not visited the dentist yet, it is time to think about the visit now. Our specialists sincerely advise all parents not to wait until their children will say that their teeth ache! After all, very often a visit to a dentist helps to prevent deterioration of teeth and even the pain. Therefore, do not delay and register for consultation of the paediatric dentist now.

Very important!

We ask you not to lie or scare the child with procedures performed by his dentist. Never show and tell children about your fears of dental treatment, if you have any.

Visit us – it’s a great opportunity for children to experience new things and meet people, who want to help him/her to become healthier.

We also remind that dental health is highly dependent on good habits such as:

  • regular cleaning of your teeth no less than twice a day,
  • balanced diet, proper eating routine
  • and, of course, regular visits to your dentist (twice a year or more often, if your dentist advices that).

We appreciate your efforts and thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely – the staff of dental clinic Skraidenta.

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