Dental clinic Skraidenta performs a wide range of periodontal procedures and surgery.

  • Deep cleaning of calculus using ultrasonic scalar and hand-held instruments.
  • Gum and bone correction prior to dental prosthesis.
  • Sophisticated perio surgery operations for patients with periodontal diseases.

Patients given full information about dental care, the most suitable dental care products are selected.


Only regular care of your oral health can prevent very unpleasant consequences of periodontal disease.

If you notice that your gums bleed, you feel pain while cleaning your teeth or eating – do not delay – come to consult with your periodontist.

Dr. Deimantė Ivanauskaitė and Agnė Razmienė advises and treats periodontitis in clinic Skraidenta.

Contact phone

Reception: 8 (5) 215 0 215
Mobile phone: +370 611 51222
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