When wisdom teeth sprout

Few people can boast of healthy and strong mental teeth. Everyone in their life has faced the agony caused by wisdom teeth. Someone experience it themselves, while others watch the pain of their relatives. Over time, different talks and discussions caused the appearance of unreasonable facts, so we asked experts to find answers to main questions. Questions are answered by oral and maxillofacial surgeon Evaldas Lukoševičius.

1. Which tooth is mental?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that finalize the row of teeth.

2. Why are they called “wisdom teeth”?

The name “wisdom teeth” is not connected with the mental abilities of the person, but because they germinate last, usually during the puberty.

3. What is the function of wisdom teeth?

The number of teeth is programmed genetically. Wisdom teeth are rarely in the correct position so they are functionally useless to nowadays people.

4. At what age do wisdom teeth sprout?

They sprout at the age of 18-25, though they can sprout later or do not sprout at all.

5. Why they do not germinate the same time to everyone?

It depends from the position of a wisdom tooth in the jaw and the available place in the dental arch.

6. Why is it necessary to extract wisdom teeth as soon as they sprout?

If teeth cause risk to other teeth or cause inflammation due to their irregular position, it is recommended to extract them.

7. How to recognise that wisdom teeth are sprouting?

Painful and swollen gums are characteristic to sprouting of all teeth.

8. What remedies help to soothe the pain of sprouting wisdom teeth?

Good oral hygiene is essential. If the pain is very strong, you can use any non-prescription anti-inflammation medicine.

9. What complications may arise during the sprouting of wisdom teeth?

Acute inflammation may have excellent conditions to develop around the irregularly sprouting wisdom tooth. If the wisdom tooth is based adjacent to the tooth root of the other tooth, it can lead to the damage of that tooth.

10. Why some people never have wisdom teeth?

If the germination of a tooth is affected by the lack of space in the dental arch, wisdom teeth can remain in the bone. Sometimes a wisdom tooth bud is simply absent.

In addition to pain, swollen gums and other discomfort in the mouth, in the end it turns out that wisdom teeth do not add wisdom, but only a lot of trouble is caused. In this case, it is recommended to visit a specialist as soon as possible.