Paslaugų finansavimas

ServicePrice €
Consultation of a dentist (visual inspection, documentation, preparation of a treatment plan)15-20
Consultation of a dental specialist30-44
Therapic dental treatmentPrice €
Panoramic radiogram25
Filling with light curing composite49-149
Aesthetic teeth fillingfrom 159
Professional oral hygiene (all teeth)from 69
Teeth whitening kappa66
Teeth whitening with laser in dentist’s office with Enlighten system429
Endodontic (tooth root canal) treatmentPrice €
Endodontic treatment of front tooth109-159
Endodontic treatment of premolar tooth179-229
Endodontic treatment of molar tooth249-379
Restoration of tooth using glass fibre post79-109
Children’s dental treatmentPrice €
Covering a tooth with sealants15-20
Filling of a deciduous tooth49-59
Treatment of pulpitis65-80
Extraction of a deciduous (milk) tooth25-40
Surgical treatmentPrice €
Extraction of a tooth49-69
Surgical extraction of a retained tooth95-170
Frenectomy for tongue or lips 72-90
Resection of root apex155-250
Removal of soft tissue derivate67-130
Histological examination of tissuesFrom 30
Removal of exostosis of jaw bones67-100
Surgical treatment of periostitis/pericoronitis30-50
Implantation (surgical part)699-750
Orthodontic implant125-140
Sinus floor elevation procedure950-1300
Restoration of jaw bones defects 450-1300
Prosthetic servicesPrice €
Sampling of impression (1 jaw)10-20
Temporary plastic crown59
Temporary crown on the implantFrom 75
Partial denture99-285
Complete denture350-520
A metal ceramic crown285-299
Crown from ceramic without metal410-500
Crown on the implant640-700
Cult liner130-160
Kappa From 115
Dental laminate450-650
Individual spoon35
Correction of porcelain prosthesis From 17
Treatment of periodontitisPrice €
The consultation of periodontist (with you panoramic radiogram)40-50
Curettage (cleaning of surface and deep concrements): I visit199
II visit (if necessary)50-60
Root lengthening surgeryfom 150
Surgery of gingival patch from 185
Orthodontic treatmentPrice €
Consultation of the orthodontist 30-50
Orthodontic plate135-155
Functional apparatus220
Fixation of one metal brace30
Fixation of one self-ligating brace60
Fixation of one ceramic brace60
Fixation of one “sapphire” brace90
Adaption of orthodontic arch30-50
Next visit during the treatment15
Correction and activation of orthodontic apparatus15
Retention brace145
Activation of arch20
Repair 10-20

Odontologijos paslaugų finansavimas

Sveikatos draudimas

Our dental clinic has concluded contracts for the provision of dental services with insurance companies: ERGO Life Insurance SE, “SEB Life Insurance", “Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE” and “Gjensidige Baltic”. When you are using our services, you have the opportunity to pay only a part of the price of the service or pay nothing at all because dental services within the limits of the insurance amount are covered by your insurance company.

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