Teeth whitening at home

Currently, there are a lot of products for teeth whitening. Slight differences in the composition, the technique of use and methodology. Mostly smiles are bleached in two ways: at home and in the dental chair.

Whitening at home is one of the most common ways of bleaching. This is a relatively safe and effective procedure, as the bleaching gel that is used is the weakest. In this method, the dentist:

  • During the first visit, takes seals of the patient’s teeth. According to them, dental technicians produce special bleach trays that closely match your teeth forms and closely envelop them.
  • • During the second visit, the dentist adjusts trays in your mouth, shows and explains how to use and handle them.

At home you inject brightening agents into these trays and put them on your teeth. “Whitening” your smile this way can take 1-2 weeks. Dentists offer to perform this procedure at night, because it is more convenient to the patient as he/she does not need to worry about the appearance of the trays or taking out these “splints” before meals. If you use the mouth trays during sleep every night for 8 hours, you will have a white smile in 5-10 nights.

Urgent teeth whitening

To whiten teeth quickly, it is proposed to have the whitening procedure at the dentist’s office. However, many experts share the view that it is better to whiten teeth slowly and over a longer period of time at home using trays, than to have intensive impact on tooth enamel, sitting in a chair of a specialist. This will help you to prevent possible side effects bleaching agents.

Bleaching results rarely remain unchanged, so it is important to visit the dentist regularly. The specialist will determine whether the whitening procedure needs to be repeated, if you visit his/her office about every six months. Patients, who often consume coffee, tea, tobacco or take other colouring products, should perform teeth whitening procedure more frequently.


It is very important to maintain moderation and not to exaggerate in order to get dazzling white teeth.

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