Teeth whitening

Are you dreaming of having a dazzling smile? You are not satisfied with the natural colour of your teeth? Teeth whitening procedures can help you.

Changes in colour of teeth enamel are due to many reasons. The darkening is caused by:

  • the consumption of strongly staining products like tobacco, tea, coffee, red wine;
  • the influence of heredity, the body’s natural aging;
  • various teeth traumas and inflammations.
If patient’s teeth are yellow or brown, after whitening the patient’s smile becomes brighter.

After accurately inspecting the condition of the mouth and teeth, the dentist will determine the most appropriate and effective way of whitening. Professional hygienic cleaning often helps to recover teeth whiteness. We recommend repeating this procedure every six months or at least once a year.

During the hygienic cleaning, sediments are removed only from the surface of the enamel, whereas spots, which are in deeper tissues of teeth, cannot be eliminated. In order to remove spots, whitening treatments are applied.

Chemical whitening of teeth

Chemical whitening of teeth is performed using a special bleaching agent – carbide peroxide. This is a weak form of peroxide due to bleaching properties it is used for almost a decade for teeth whitening. There are different concentrations (10, 16 and 22 per cent) of carbide peroxide gels. For example, the gel, containing 16 per cent of carbide peroxide works faster than 10 per cent, because it whitens old stains, “tetracycline teeth”, and other hard plaque more effectively. However, it should be emphasized that the higher the percentage of the concentration of whitening material, the greater is the risk for teeth sensitivity. Bleaching procedure must be performed under professional supervision; otherwise there is the threat of various complications: it may result in chemical burns of the mouth soft tissues. Bleaching materials are not harmful, if the teeth are healthy or carefully repaired. If the gel touches the “nerve” of a holey tooth, it causes a serious trouble.

Teeth whitening procedures are not recommended to people:
  • who suffer from heart diseases, diabetes;
  • who are pregnant;
  • who breast-feed.

Also to patients, who complain about highly sensitive teeth, or those, who have undergone significant restoration of teeth: during the whitening procedure, the colour of fillings and prosthetic teeth does not change. In this case, aesthetic filling is more preferable. Teeth whitening cannot be performed when there is a gum inflammation or periodontitis.
Professional oral hygiene, replacing of faulty seals and sealing of bad teeth are necessary before teeth whitening procedure.

Specialists of dental clinic Skraidenta will advise and help you to choose the most appropriate teeth whitening method.

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